Easy to setup new accounts

Your users are provided with a signup form to create new accounts which you have control over.

Input history

Full input history by hitting the up and down arrows on the keyboard which is saved between sessions.

User friendly interface

IRCAnywhere has been designed to be an easy to use and appealing application with minimal clutter.

Powerful IRC backend

Most other alternatives use the outdated node-irc library. We've built a new library from scratch designed to handle multiple connections, it supports an advanced queueing system when networks throttle connections and allows us to detach the clients from the main process minimising downtime.

Advanced oplog based architecture

We use MongoDB's oplog tailing feature to propagate updates down to the web clients. This allows us have a snapshot of the entire system including channels, modes, topics and users in the database in realtime. This also carves the way for the possibility to cluster IRCAnywhere instances together.

Full modern browser support

Full support from a range of modern web browsers including mobile devices.


Full support for desktop notifications in all browsers that support them.

Embedded content

The ability to optionally embed content such as images, youtube videos and code snippets.

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