Persistent connections

We use irc-factory behind the scenes to keep your users connected when they are offline so they don't miss a thing.

Log storage

All of your users messages and other related events are logged into the database and replayed back to them when they reconnect.

Multiple networks

IRCAnywhere is designed for multiple network usage out of the box. You can even set restrictions on the networks your users connect to.

Powerful plugin system

IRCAnywhere has the roots to create a powerful plugin system capable of modifying the back and frontend applications with ease, allowing you to provide more functionality for your users.

Downloadable logs

The ability to view your entire backlog in a seperate window in plain text and even download your entire log history into archives for backups.

Connect from an IRC client

A traditional IRC interface so your users can connect to their IRCAnywhere bouncers from a client of their choice and still recieve the full backlog functionality.

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